Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Perth Pool Shops Offer Effective Pool Cleaners to Keep the Water Safe

"The most dangerous things found in the pool in your Perth home are not just the floating dirt and debris that could hurt you as you plunge, but also those microbes that may be flourishing in the water due to poor sanitation. According to Better Health Channel (BHC), “if not properly maintained, the water in your domestic swimming pool harbours a range of microbes, including bacteria and algae, which can cause health problems such as ear, nose and throat infections.” A well thought out pre-emptive response and the use of Perth pool cleaners are imperative to rid your pool of these microbes."

Monday, 28 July 2014

Run the Pump and Other Perth Pool Equipment to Prevent Algae Build-up

"Pool pumps are designed to maintain the circulation of water in the pool. Swimming pools are constructed with a skimmer box connected to large tubes that convey water into a filtering system. A motor-run impeller drives water from the skimmer box into the filter and returns filtered water back into the pool. In order to sanitise the pool water a chemical feeder or salt water chlorinator can be installed to automatically chlorinate the water. As a result of this circulation process, the water in your swimming pool stays fresh and clean all day long. Running the pump at least 8-10 hours a day in summer can prevent the proliferation of algae. To find reliable Perth pool pumps that are right for your swimming pool, contact established suppliers like POOLSHOPWA. They provide high-performance pool equipment that are essential to keeping your pool clean, contaminant-free, and safe to enjoy anytime you and your family wish."

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Essential Pool Supplies in Perth Include High-performing Pool Filters

"Filters and pH levels often go hand in hand. For example, high pH levels result in a higher concentration of calcium carbonate in the water. This chemical compound can turn the sand that has accumulated on filters into cement, effectively blocking the filter and making it less efficient. High pH levels also lead to higher pool maintenance costs: a pH level of 8.0 makes chlorine solutions 80 percent less effective. Considering how pH levels are easily affected by sand and other contaminants, highly reliable cartridge pool filters in Perth makes an excellent option. This type of filter provides maximum sieving, resulting in better cost efficiency. They also come reasonably priced, and require little maintenance. Sand filters are also a cost effective option."

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Water Conservation: A Perth Pool Shop Can Provide the Right Solutions

"pool For example, pool pumps must be purchased according to the homeowners’ swimming pool specifications, as well as their swimming habits. Those who use their swimming pools very often are better off with a variable-speed pump so that they can adjust the water pressure and pumping speed accordingly. Otherwise, they may be consuming more water and electricity than necessary every time they go for a swim. There is other swimming pool equipment in Perth that deserves a closer look, as these can help the city save litres of water every year. Solar pool covers, for example, protect outdoor swimming pools from excess evaporation due to sun exposure. As of 2006, 70 percent of all outdoor pool and spa owners have reduced their water bills because of these simple accessories. In addition, solar pool covers also protect swimming pools from debris, reducing the risk of perth, swimming pool equipment perth"

Things to Consider Before Going to a Pool Shop

Homeowners want what’s best for their swimming pools that they tend to overspend and buy things they don’t really need, like accessories and pieces of sophisticated equipment. Not only is this costly, it can also result in wrong purchase decisions that do nothing to improve the state of the pool or the swimming experience. It is best if one looks at this checklist before going to pool shops:

  1. Identify what you want and what you need. Knowing the things that one wants and one needs is always a good starting point in making a shopping list of pool must-haves. Listing them down helps pool owners prioritise which products or equipment should be bought immediately.
  2. Set a budget. After trimming down one’s wish list to only reflect the bare essentials, it is now time to set a budget ceiling. For this, one has to define how much he is willing to and can spend for this activity.
  3. Research and compare. Gather as much information about the products on the list. Canvass for a cheaper price, or at least check if the one in your neighborhood store isn’t jacking up their price unjustifiably.

Religiously following this checklist or other similar planning devices can prevent homeowners from buying out of impulse. This can result in savings that can be used for future pool purchases as new needs arise.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Essential Pool Cleaning Equipment You Should Have

Pools are great additions to any home, but just like any part of your house, proper maintenance is required to keep it functioning properly and looking good. Neglect upkeep, and your pool will soon be nothing but a debris-filled, algae-infested eyesore. When you get your pool installed, then, be sure to get these essential cleaning equipment as well:
No one wants to swim in dirty water, which is why pool filters are an absolute must if you want a pristine pool. Usually made of sand, polyester, or diatomaceous earth, these filters strain both visible and microscopic debris so you won’t have to swim in them.

Telescoping Pole
Things will always fall into your pool, whether it’s broken branches, spilt food, and, yes, even the occasional frog. With a telescoping pole, however, you can easily fish out these things before they can muddy the water.

Pool Vacuum
It’s not only your floors that need vacuuming, but your pool walls and floor as well. Don’t haul out your Hoover, though—pools require a specialized pool vacuum to scrub and clean surfaces.

As you can see, pools require attention and care if they are to remain beautiful and swimmable. With the help of the must-have tools above, though, you can enjoy a clean pool that will serve you for years and years to come.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Supplies to Maintain a Salt Chlorinated Pool

By creating their own chlorine, salt chlorinated pools provide pool owners with a convenient way to keep their pools clean and free from harmful bacteria. While salt chlorinators certainly ease the maintenance process somewhat, it doesn’t eliminate it altogether.
The following are some of the things you need to keep your saltwater chlorinated pool in great shape:
  • Cyanuric acid protects the chlorine created by the saltwater chlorinator from being broken down by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Cyanuric acid is typically added to the pool at the start of each season.
  • A free chlorine and pH test kit will allow you to monitor the amount of free chlorine in the water, as well as its alkalinity. Testing should be done weekly. Then, following the recommendations in your pools owner’s manual, regulate the amount of free chlorine in the water by adjusting the chlorine output on the salt chlorinator control box.
Control the alkalinity of the water using:
  • Muriatic acid to lower its pH level or
  • Soda ash or sodium bicarbonate to raise its pH level.
  • Very occasionally, you might also need to replace your system’s salt cell, which converts the salt in the water into chlorine.
Despite how little maintenance is needed to maintain a saltwater pool than with traditional chlorination, it should never be neglected. Just a few items are all you need to take care of your pool with a saltwater system, so there shouldn’t be any excuse not to perform the needed maintenance.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Pool Essentials

Owning a pool is a much bigger responsibility than many pool owners first assume. An uncared-for pool can suffer from various problems. Most obviously, water quality can degrade, making the pool unfit to swim in. If water quality is left in a poor state, this can also ruin pool equipment and may even irreparably damage the lining of your pool.
Fortunately, most pool shops stock a wide array of items you can use to keep your pool in tiptop condition.
Pool Cleaners
Organic debris in your pool—such as leaves, twigs, or dirt—if left unchecked, can slowly dissolve into the water in your pool and change its pH level. Pool cleaners can help you remove debris in your pool and stabilise the water acidity level.
Pool Light Globes
If your pool sees a lot of activity at night, keeping it lit is an absolute necessity. If a globe in your pool goes out, a replacement can be had in short order from a reputable pool shop.
Pool Pumps
Pumps do more than just keep the water in your pool from going stagnant. Pumps push the water through filters and other equipment, such as heaters and chlorinators. Due to their essential nature, make it a point to always replace broken pumps as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

We Have Expanded Our Range of Pool Supplies for Perth with Our New Solar Pool Covers

"Still not sold with all the benefits of installing a solar pool cover? Having them over your pool will extend your family’s swimming season by several months. Because of its heat-generating capacity, you and your kids can still enjoy a weekend of swimming even if the temperature has started to drop. At PoolShopWA, we certainly know how to keep your pool in tip-top shape all year long. Aside from pool covers for Perth swimming pools, we also offer other products, like cleaning and pool testing accessories, heaters, pool pumps, cartridge filters, and auto-feeders. We also carry other equipment, like salt chlorinators, suction and robotic cleaners, and sand filters. Name it and we’ve got it!"