Monday, 30 June 2014

One of the Best Online Pool Shops in Perth Greets the Net with a Great Deal

"Fortunately, we at POOLSHOPWA have just the solution for pool owners like you! As part of our website’s grand opening, one of the best pool shops in Perth gives you an offer you possibly cannot refuse: Zodiac MX8 pool cleaners on sale for $549.00! Aside from our stellar arsenal of cleaning equipment, our expertise in maintenance and pool heating in Perth allows us to help make your pool the envy of everyone in the neighbourhood! Hurry up, because our promo only lasts for the month of July, 2014!"

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Taking Care of Pool Equipment in Perth during the Cold Winter Season

"Reduce water level Reduce the water level of your swimming pool. Most Filters and pool pumps in Perth have drain plugs to enable them to be emptied easily. A quick way to remove some of your swimming pool water is via the backwash line of your filter. With the winter rains regularly topping up your pool with fresh water it can often lead to overflow of your swimming pool and damage the surrounding areas of your pool area. it is important to check the pool water level regularly. Pool covering Keeping debris out of your pool is a top priority to keep it clean and ready for the warmer months. Winter pool coverings should also prevent nasty algae growth. You can utilise air pillows at the centre to hold the cover up like a tent so water and debris fall to the side instead of accumulating on the top."

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Improving Pool Efficiency with Proper Maintenance

According to the Department of Industry, swimming pools and spas contribute greatly to a household’s power consumption, with the water pump alone accounting for about 16 percent of energy usage. This is why households are encouraged to make their pools as efficient as possible through proper maintenance and cleaning. Getting energy-saving pool equipment from pool shops in Perth can also be very helpful.
Using the right filters is very important because efficient pool filters can reduce the need for cleaning. In addition, a pool that remains clean for a longer period doesn’t need to be drained and refilled as often, thus reducing water and electricity consumption. Households can choose between cartridge filters and sand filters, depending on their pool habits. Sand filters can block larger amounts of dirt and grime, but cartridge filters are easy to maintain and replace.
Another way to increase pool efficiency is to protect the pool from sunlight when it is not in use. Prolonged exposure to the sun results in faster water evaporation, which then leads to more frequent water refills. Thermal blankets are very effective in reducing the rate of evaporation, but simple measures such as surrounding the pool with trees, high walls, and other forms of shade can also help.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Distinguished Online Perth Pool Shop Unveils Brand New E-Commerce Website

"With 28 years of experience, Pool Shop WA strives to support each client in maintaining their swimming pools by carrying extensive product lines of top brands like Astral Pool, Hurlcon, Zodiac, and Chemigem. The company’s knowledgeable pool technicians are familiar with the industry’s latest developments and can help recommend products which suit each client’s needs and requirements. Aside from retailing equipment like pumps, filters, chemical feeders and heaters, the Perth pool equipment company also offers complete services such as pool servicing, pool plumbing system maintenance, pool cleaning and pool water chemical testing. For more information about what they can do, visit today."

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Pool Equipment that Keep Your Pool Clean

Having your very own swimming pool can provide great hours of fun for the entire family. However, owning a pool also comes with a lot of responsibility, particularly in ensuring that the water is kept clean and sanitary. Investing in pool accessories and equipment to preserve the water’s cleanliness is a must, especially when young children use the pool.
Below are the equipment needed to keep a pool clean:
Sand, cartridge, and DE (diatomaceous earth) pool filters all work in removing impurities from swimming pools, with cartridge and DE filters capable of keeping out smaller particles and debris.
Pool Cleaners
Suction-side, pressure-side, or robotic pool cleaners also aid in filtering out debris and sediments that can accumulate in pools. These automatic pool cleaners use vacuum, pressure, or a built-in pump and processor to help purify the water. Some robotic technologies can scrub pool walls, floors, and steps. If the pool is littered with leaves and other larger debris, its surface should first be skimmed before the cleaners and filters are run.
Pool Chlorinators
Automated pool chlorinators produce and add chlorine to the pool, which is essential in keeping the pool sanitised and free from bacteria and algae. Some innovative machines eliminate the process of manually applying and measuring chlorine. The settings of chlorinators may be manually or automatically adjusted to provide the necessary levels of chlorine, based on the pool’s temperature, number of users, usage frequency, and other factors.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

3 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Swimming pools provide delightful leisure time for most people, as the cool water usually feels good and relaxing for sore muscles and fatigued bodies. However, owners must also do their part in keeping their pools in top shape so they can enjoy it more. Here are some things owners tend to forget, but shouldn’t, in maintaining their pools:

Overlooking the water chemistry levels
Check your pool’s chemistry levels once a week during winter and twice a week during warmer months, lest you risk microorganism activity that can not only shorten the service life of your pool, but also endanger your family’s health and safety. Modify pH levels, calcium hardness and alkalinity levels accordingly.

Not running pumps long enough
Turning off your pumps can help you save on electricity bills, but it also makes you spend more on service maintenance as lack of water circulation can promote algae growth and spread out debris. Always remember that great water flow is often the key to a well-maintained swimming pool.

Neglecting to brush the pool
You’re vacuuming your swimming pool so it’s all good, yes? Not quite, because vacuum heads don’t really reach deeply to stop algae from growing on the sides of your pool. Choose to routinely scrape and sweep your pool with a nylon brush after you vacuum for more effective cleaning.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips

Because of its exposure to the outside elements, swimming pools unfortunately can’t help but be littered with rubbles and tree branches blown with the wind. Before diving into the blue, here are some helpful tips to help you clean and maintain the cleanliness of your swimming pool:

Get rid of debris.
Examine the surface of the water for floating debris like leaves and branches and remove them using a skimmer basket. Dispose of them properly so it won’t go back into your pool again. If you have foliage around, prune them back, or think about replacing them with plants that shed less.

Vacuum the pool.
An average swimming pool needs at least 30 minutes of thorough vacuuming, depending on the size. Move the equipment across the water in intersecting parallel lines, as you would when trimming the lawn.

Clean your pool filters.
Clean your pool filters regularly, about every 4 to 6 months. You can soak them up in 10% solution of muriatic acid or trisodium phosphate in a rubber container. Don’t forget to wear gloves and eye protection while cleaning and rinsing them carefully before leaving them to dry.

Adjust chemical levels.
Check your pool’s pH level weekly and adjust it accordingly. If it’s above 7.6, regulate with muriatic acid, and when under 7.4, correct with soda ash product. A pool’s ideal reading is between 7.2 and 7.8, when pool sterilisers work at its most efficient.