Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pool Equipment from Perth Pool Experts Keep You Fit with Safe Water

Pump up that heart In order to raise your heart rate and improve cardiovascular fitness, water jogging for 1- to 3-minute intervals will do the trick. Studies have shown that water joggers actually burn more calories than land joggers, sans the impact on joints and tendons, of course. Toys for fitness Some core and balance exercises do require the use of water playthings like water log or “noodle” and a volleyball-sized inflatable ball. These exercises strengthen your core muscles which help your body maintain balance.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Acquiring Pool Supplies in Perth to Get Rid of Algae Concentrations

As spring and summer would soon get underway, Perth residents would surely see the need for lounging in the pool. The heavy amount of sunshine that the place receives, despite cooler temperatures in the late winter, adds to that need. However, as algae may trigger skin disorders and bacterial infections, sellers of pool supplies in Perth, such as Pool Shop WA, can help you remove this menace so you can use your clean pool again. Nutrients? No! Algae mostly thrive on nutrients to live in a water environment, but you can deny them this resource to contain their threat. Start by using a water alkalinity test to identify the current pH level. If the numbers are high, acid will be required to lower the pH level to between 7.2.and 7.8.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Pool Supplies from trusted Perth Sellers Are What You Need for the Summer Heat

The summer months are that time of the year when people just want to take a dip and beat the heat. However, it’s no fun at all when your swimming pool is not in the best shape. If you’ve invested a considerable amount of money putting the perfect pool in your yard, it is especially understandable why you would want to exert all effort to make sure it remains spiffy clean and in great condition. You would also want it refreshingly cool—that is why you wanted it in the first place. Keep a watch on important factors such as water levels (water evaporation levels in summer are very high), water chemistry and filtration. Filtration times in summer should be increased due to the hot weather and increased bather loads. For these concerns, seeking help and advice from trusted Perth pool supplies sellers like PoolShopWA becomes the most logical step to take.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Turn the Heat Up: Keep Warm with Different Pool Heating Ways in Perth

"The swimming pool is usually a great place to get away from the heat, especially since Perth is the sunniest capital in Australia. However, from time to time the temperature goes down and the reverse happens: we want to escape from the cold weather. The first thing that may come to mind is a hot tub, but swimming pools can keep you warm, too, with the use of a swimming pool heater. There are a number of types of heaters available in Perth pool shops, and the following is an overview of each one of them:"