Monday, 5 May 2014

Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean

While you have pumps and filters to help you keep your pool clean, you shouldn’t solely rely on them. Doing so can easily result in a worn-out pump and full filters, which can further lead to costly repairs or replacements.

Luckily, there are many ways to keep your pool clean and your filtration system running smoothly. The best part is that many of these methods do not require a large amount of effort on your part. These keep-clean methods include:

Pool Covers

Hate having to fish out leaves from your pool? Invest in a pool cover! You don’t even need the fancy automatic pool covers you see on the telly. All you need is a large enough tarpaulin cover, and you’ll keep out pretty much everything you want out of your pool.

No Eating in the Pool

Accumulated food debris like potato chip crumbs can clog filters quickly. Enforce a “no eating in the pool” rule at all times. If your kids want a snack, ask them to get out of the pool and eat in the patio; restrict your kids from grabbing a bite while swimming.

Super Chlorinate

When a pool is used very often, organic contaminants like ammonia will outbalance your pool’s chlorine levels. When this happens, your pool will smell heavily of chlorine. You can easily fix this by dumping a bag of “shock” into the water. This corrects the chemical balance of your pool and makes it safe for use.

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