Thursday, 17 July 2014

Essential Pool Cleaning Equipment You Should Have

Pools are great additions to any home, but just like any part of your house, proper maintenance is required to keep it functioning properly and looking good. Neglect upkeep, and your pool will soon be nothing but a debris-filled, algae-infested eyesore. When you get your pool installed, then, be sure to get these essential cleaning equipment as well:
No one wants to swim in dirty water, which is why pool filters are an absolute must if you want a pristine pool. Usually made of sand, polyester, or diatomaceous earth, these filters strain both visible and microscopic debris so you won’t have to swim in them.

Telescoping Pole
Things will always fall into your pool, whether it’s broken branches, spilt food, and, yes, even the occasional frog. With a telescoping pole, however, you can easily fish out these things before they can muddy the water.

Pool Vacuum
It’s not only your floors that need vacuuming, but your pool walls and floor as well. Don’t haul out your Hoover, though—pools require a specialized pool vacuum to scrub and clean surfaces.

As you can see, pools require attention and care if they are to remain beautiful and swimmable. With the help of the must-have tools above, though, you can enjoy a clean pool that will serve you for years and years to come.

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