Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Improving Pool Efficiency with Proper Maintenance

According to the Department of Industry, swimming pools and spas contribute greatly to a household’s power consumption, with the water pump alone accounting for about 16 percent of energy usage. This is why households are encouraged to make their pools as efficient as possible through proper maintenance and cleaning. Getting energy-saving pool equipment from pool shops in Perth can also be very helpful.
Using the right filters is very important because efficient pool filters can reduce the need for cleaning. In addition, a pool that remains clean for a longer period doesn’t need to be drained and refilled as often, thus reducing water and electricity consumption. Households can choose between cartridge filters and sand filters, depending on their pool habits. Sand filters can block larger amounts of dirt and grime, but cartridge filters are easy to maintain and replace.
Another way to increase pool efficiency is to protect the pool from sunlight when it is not in use. Prolonged exposure to the sun results in faster water evaporation, which then leads to more frequent water refills. Thermal blankets are very effective in reducing the rate of evaporation, but simple measures such as surrounding the pool with trees, high walls, and other forms of shade can also help.

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