Thursday, 10 July 2014

Supplies to Maintain a Salt Chlorinated Pool

By creating their own chlorine, salt chlorinated pools provide pool owners with a convenient way to keep their pools clean and free from harmful bacteria. While salt chlorinators certainly ease the maintenance process somewhat, it doesn’t eliminate it altogether.
The following are some of the things you need to keep your saltwater chlorinated pool in great shape:
  • Cyanuric acid protects the chlorine created by the saltwater chlorinator from being broken down by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Cyanuric acid is typically added to the pool at the start of each season.
  • A free chlorine and pH test kit will allow you to monitor the amount of free chlorine in the water, as well as its alkalinity. Testing should be done weekly. Then, following the recommendations in your pools owner’s manual, regulate the amount of free chlorine in the water by adjusting the chlorine output on the salt chlorinator control box.
Control the alkalinity of the water using:
  • Muriatic acid to lower its pH level or
  • Soda ash or sodium bicarbonate to raise its pH level.
  • Very occasionally, you might also need to replace your system’s salt cell, which converts the salt in the water into chlorine.
Despite how little maintenance is needed to maintain a saltwater pool than with traditional chlorination, it should never be neglected. Just a few items are all you need to take care of your pool with a saltwater system, so there shouldn’t be any excuse not to perform the needed maintenance.

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