Saturday, 28 June 2014

Taking Care of Pool Equipment in Perth during the Cold Winter Season

"Reduce water level Reduce the water level of your swimming pool. Most Filters and pool pumps in Perth have drain plugs to enable them to be emptied easily. A quick way to remove some of your swimming pool water is via the backwash line of your filter. With the winter rains regularly topping up your pool with fresh water it can often lead to overflow of your swimming pool and damage the surrounding areas of your pool area. it is important to check the pool water level regularly. Pool covering Keeping debris out of your pool is a top priority to keep it clean and ready for the warmer months. Winter pool coverings should also prevent nasty algae growth. You can utilise air pillows at the centre to hold the cover up like a tent so water and debris fall to the side instead of accumulating on the top."

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