Thursday, 3 July 2014

Pool Essentials

Owning a pool is a much bigger responsibility than many pool owners first assume. An uncared-for pool can suffer from various problems. Most obviously, water quality can degrade, making the pool unfit to swim in. If water quality is left in a poor state, this can also ruin pool equipment and may even irreparably damage the lining of your pool.
Fortunately, most pool shops stock a wide array of items you can use to keep your pool in tiptop condition.
Pool Cleaners
Organic debris in your pool—such as leaves, twigs, or dirt—if left unchecked, can slowly dissolve into the water in your pool and change its pH level. Pool cleaners can help you remove debris in your pool and stabilise the water acidity level.
Pool Light Globes
If your pool sees a lot of activity at night, keeping it lit is an absolute necessity. If a globe in your pool goes out, a replacement can be had in short order from a reputable pool shop.
Pool Pumps
Pumps do more than just keep the water in your pool from going stagnant. Pumps push the water through filters and other equipment, such as heaters and chlorinators. Due to their essential nature, make it a point to always replace broken pumps as soon as possible.

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