Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Must Haves for a Clean Pool

Adding a pool to your home is no doubt a great investment. For starters, you and your spouse can swim in it to keep fit and healthy. The kids, on the other hand, will have endless fun rollicking in the pool. You can also throw pool parties to entertain your friends and relatives.
Of course, you can only enjoy your pool to the fullest if it is clean. While a high-quality pump will circulate the water and keep it healthy, you’ll still need additional supplies and equipment to keep the water optimally clean. The next time you drop by a pool shop, be sure to get these must-have items:

Over time, particles and other debris will cause the water to become dirty. When this happens, algae is more likely to grow in your pool. A filter with a high micron rating will strain out impurities so the water remains crystal clear.

No pool owner one wants to see dead leaves and other detritus floating on the water’s surface. A pool skimmer—a long pole with a basket on the end—allows you to easily scoop debris out of the water.

Pool Cleaner

It’s not only the water that gets dirty, but the pool’s finish as well. Thankfully, you can make maintenance easier by purchasing a pool cleaner. These appliances come in suction or robotic variants, both of which will save you precious cleaning time as they can be programmed to clean the pool with little supervision.

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